To win even when you lose.

To win even when you lose.


We will lose our dad in a few years. So the doctor has said. In the worst case, our father will die from his cancer within twelve months. No one knows exactly. As children, we haven't the shadow of a chance of saving him, not even the World's Nobel Prize winners know how to do that. But we can win in other ways. By being present in every second that we may have our beloved father left on this earth. And - by doing everything in our power so that future fathers, mothers, and children should avoid the disease that steals people from people.


We are The Tribs. Marlon, Biggles and Milou Tollefors. We are not that old; 10, 14 and 16 years old, but we are determined to win for our dad. Since 2010, we have started in more than 200 competitions per year. This means that we will soon have over 1000 race starts. At each event we promote the local children's cancer organization Pequeno Valiente here in Gran Canaria. Every collected euro is our victory in the fight against cancer. It gives us the sense of meaning in a daily life that otherwise would lack a lot of sense.


If you want to help we can approach the victory together.

Thank you. The Tribs.


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Foto: Leopoldo H. Santana

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